Note: please read till end.

Don’t turn off the lights. I was scared. A humble penguin voice came from the room. Sound, it all matters. Even small tiny creatures in this world also wants to hear that sound. Everyone says that words are the most powerful in life. I believe sound is prior to the word.

I know that you don’t love me. Who said that? a giant monster voice coming from the bed. I know. No one likes me. I am not that much lucky. I failed in all the things in my life. I am so depressed. Hey baby, why you think like this? I am with you always. Don’t cry dear. This is not the right time for speaking this. Today is our first night.

Without starting any word, he kissed her lips. She was a fat girl. She was all over fat. She huffed when she breathed. Yeah, she turns heads. She believes, some one has said that many of them in this world doesn’t have fate to cherish the taste of love. Some are just born, to experience the abbreviation of it. She believes that she is not one in that list. Her love towards him like bees. Because she floats like butterfly and sting like bees. Only thing he knows that being bees is to make honey. Now he is going to taste it. She has many things to discuss at this time. She told about her family and about the room they are in. Are you fucking crazy? he asked and his laughter makes her to become more angry.

Reason behind his laughing is, she told that every male in her family were died as mental illness in this room. And also she told that God has taken all the person whom she loves. But he is not in the listening mood to take those words. His monster mind is forcing her to have. But she is refusing. He is not allowing her to speak. Every time she spoke anything, he changed her mind by saying naughty words. All things happening inside the room was recorded and someone is hearing that. Her thoughts were endless. Room which made her so mad and she is thinking how to safe her husband from this room. Because in her horoscope, after marriage, her husband will die in the same way of family persons death. He laughed continuously and make her to understand that don’t believe these unnecessary things in life.

Moreover, he is not in the mood for giving advice and listening. He wants her. But her sound is not stopping. That made him irritate. After continuously speaking, he thought that why she speaks like this? Because of my life, she is thinking, is that really will happen to me? that I will get mental sickness and going to die. Now his mind has many things to think. But he is not leaving her to speak further. He wants her to become calm. He silenced her with a deep kiss. Her lips felt like warm honey. Every moment, they felt so special as they made love. He whispered her, I love you and asking what the way they love each other. She said that it’s more than great.

All things went well. One sound changed everything. It’s thundering outside. She got scared and hugged him. It changed all the perceptions we had. Because there is no one in room for her words to take. That sound make her to come to real world. Her eyes turns red and she is hugging a pillow. She broke all the things in that room with anger and silent. She doesn’t know what she is doing. She felt that no one in this world is real except the love of flower and air. They were romancing all the time when they had. If air loves flower with more thrust, it will die. But in that room no one is like air for her to love. She speaking, murmuring and even she doesn’t know who she is. Yeah, she is the one with mental illness. Everything is her imagination. Only the real thing is that room.

People with mental illnesses are not different people we think. They are sick. When they are struggling they are not monsters. When they become normal, they are not new people. But our situations and feelings can trick us to think like that. They can change our perception and someone’s circumstances. They even changes their personalities at that time. But they are the same persons, we have always loved.

We thinking like that they cannot see themselves in their own, how will they identify us to love and carry? That’s entirely wrong. They also have same feelings as we all had. We hope her imagination will come real……….

With love Dinesh…….


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